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From the desk of: Chris Cole
Date: 27 Mar 2015
RE: Lazy Traffic Techniques!

Dear Fellow Marketer...,

Is is the ultimate dream isn't it?

To drive an ongoing stream of people to your site everyday without working your fingers off for it.

Put your pride aside for a moment and ask yourself this...

" Do YOUR Traffic Stats Look Anything Like This? "

If not, then this could be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Let’s face it…

More Traffic = More Money

Traffic is the lifeblood of our online business, or any business for that matter. You must have traffic to make money, it’s a fact.

Take a good look at your computer and bookshelf.

How many 'courses' on generating traffic are lying there collecting dust?

Did ANY of them work?

Probably not.

I have been exactly where you are right now, and there's absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.

Most of the stuff out there is grossly over priced, unadulterated horse manure.

I mean, I've spent thousands of dollars on expensive traffic courses, that purportedly reveals the 'real' secrets of traffic generation, only to find out that the whole friggin course is all about BUYING traffic.

Ain't no secret to that.

A thousand bucks for that? Come ON!

" Are There Any Secrets Left To Generating Traffic? "

Quite frankly, there are only 3 ways to generate traffic.

You can either...

Buy It - This is traffic you pay for. Pay-per-click advertising, banneradvertising, co-registrations etc, all fall under this category.

Attract It - This is traffic where you deliberately 'engineer' anenvironment that attracts visitors from Search Engines. SEO, Social networking, Blogging, Feeder Sites etc all fall under this category.

Steal It - This is traffic that you get from joint ventures.

I seriously doubt that there is any traffic generation method on earth that does not fall under any of these 3 categories.

I think it's plain to see, that there really are no more 'secrets' left.

In fact, there really isn't such a thing as a 'secret'. A 'secret' is just something that I know that you don't.

" Here's Something You May Not Know Though..."

The REAL reason why your website isn't getting enough traffic is because a critical piece of the Traffic Generation 'puzzle' has been kept from you.

And the odd thing about this 'missing piece' of the puzzle, is that it's actually hidden from you in PLAIN SIGHT!

Let me explain.

There's 'something' all the 'gurus' do to get a massive amount of traffic to their websites and it's in plain view for all to see, but only those on the 'inside' actually know what it is.

It's like watching a magic trick...

If you 'know' the secret, it's pretty obvious how the trick is done. But if you don't, it's just plain mystifying.

But the good news is, with my help, you too can be in the 'know' and start creating an avalanche of FREE targeted traffic to your website!

Here''s my little secret…

“ Mass Traffic Domination "
Your Complete Blueprint To Generating
Unlimited Streams Of Traffic

I'll pull back the curtain and show you how doing just 'one' thing triggers a synergistic chain reaction that will explode your traffic EXPONENTIALLY. And there is no reason for it to EVER stop!

In the comprehensive 3 part Mass Traffic Domination program, you will gain access to covert undreground traffic techniques that I have been using through the years that guarantee results.

Here's the lowdown of the entire Mass Traffic Domination training program:

Module 1: Fast Traffic Start

Fast Traffic Start is jam-packed with strategies that you can implement IMMEDIATELY and see results! Here’s what you will see in this module…

10 Quick And Easy Sure-Fire Traffic Generation Techniques Guaranteed To Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts!

Discover my unique content distribution method that guarantees maximum exposure of your website across thousands of other websites (You'll find this brilliant..trust me...)

How To Create Your “BUZZZZ-Banner” In 2 SIMPLE Steps (PLUS! The Top THREE Design Features For Soaring Click-through Rates)

How To Make Use Of Other People’s Mailing List To Generate UNLIMITED Traffic To YOUR Site Without Having To DO-IT-YOURSELF (Psst, it’s definitely legal)

Create Your Own ‘Sizzling Hot’ Profit System… Learn Secret Techniques To Driving Massive Traffic and Earning Massive Income At The Same Time!

Heard Of Amazon Book Review? Wonder What It Has To Do With YOU Getting Traffic? EXPOSED! The Almost-Illegal Way Of Using Amazon To Make Those Readers CLICK Into YOUR Site Willingly!

Unravel The Trick To Giving Your Piece Of Mind and Making Your Readers HAVE To Click Into Your Site! (Page 29)

Are You Linking Your Links Correctly? Find out the significance of the “Title” Tag In Your Links and why you NEED it inside...

And Many More!


Module 2: Instant Social Traffic

Social Marketing has become one of the most influential and effective means of generating traffic. You'll master how to build up your creditability and grow your subscriber base at the same time...

You'll discover:

16 Social Marketing Techniques to REEL In Hundreds Of Visitors Into Your Site EVERY SINGLE DAY… PLUS! Build Your Online Brand Name At The Same Time

How To Use A Forum To Generate Traffic THE RIGHT WAY… Watch Out For The FOUR Important Guidelines You MUST Follow Or Risk Your Account BANNED!

Article Marketing Has Been Losing Its Effectiveness... NOT! How to correctly create and distribute your articles for maximum exposure... Plus! Supercharge your click-through rates with The Resource Box Formula

Whoever Said Auction Sites Are Only For Auctions? Learn SECRET Trick To Using The Auction Sites To Drive Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Site – Page 21

The NUMBER ONE Plugin You Definitely NEED TO HAVE! Search Engine Optimization Has Never Been So Easy…

Unravel The Secrets To Creating Your Own “Traffic Farm” With Webrings! The HIGHLY Recommendation Method To Building Backlinks And Traffic (Page 29)

How To Release Your Very Own Press Releases In 5 QUICK and Easy Steps!

Tweeting Your Way To Massive Traffic Flood – How To Use This Little Blue Bird To Reel In A Surge Of Visitors RIGHT NOW!

Social Marketing Success Exposed: The 3 MUST GO Websites To Set Up Your Own Network (PLUS! 4 Social Bookmarking Sites YOU MUST NOT MISS)

Social Marketing Success Exposed: The 3 MUST GO Websites To Set Up Your Own Network (PLUS! 4 Social Bookmarking Sites YOU MUST NOT MISS)

And Many Many More!


Module 3: Covert Traffic Domination

Uncover the power of automation and suck in traffic everyday on autopilot with this module "Covert Traffic Domination"

You'll learn…

13 Tweaks To ADD ON To Your System – “Fertilize” Your Current Strategies And Make Your Visitor Count GROW TREMENDOUSLY!

Video Marketing Is One Of The BEST Techniques In Generating Traffic… Find Out How YOU Can Make Use Of This Technique With Other People’s “Ideas”! (Psst, it’s 100% safe and legal)

Discover The FIVE Must-Use Widgets, SUPERCHARGE Your Traffic Count With These FREE and Easy-to-install Tools (Page 19.95)  

It’s Time to Rediscover the Power of “Interest” and “Passion”… Learn How You Can EFFORTLESSLY Push on People’s “Buttons” And Make Them Tumble Into Your Site

When “Fun” And “Traffic” becomes one… How To Lure Your Visitors In Using the “Fun” Factor And ROCKET Your Traffic Count! (Best of all, they wouldn’t even realize that they’ve already fallen into your ‘trap’!)

How To Use The Least Amount Of Effort To Attract TREMENDOUS Streams Of Traffic… All You Need Is To Throw Your “Bait” And Wait For The Visitors To Be Caught

How To Use the Really Simple Syndication To Reach Out To The MASS Readers and Subscribers, BUT How Simple Is Really Simple? -- Find out on Page 27

Plus, 8 Additional Traffic Tricks To Supercharge Your Traffic Count! Flood Your Website With A TSUNAMI Of Visitors With Quick And Easy Methods

And Much Much More!

“ So Are You Ready To Welcome A Surge Of Targeted Visitors At Your Website? "

Here’s the deal. For a mere one-time investment of $19.95, you get to dig into the dirty little traffic secrets of mine and keep them all to yourself.

For $19.95, you can either spend it on a feast at the restaurant next door which will be digested within hours or you can use it to invest in your business that can last at least a few months (in fact, you can rinse and repeat to make it a lifetime).

The logical choice?

You decide ;-)

It was pure accident that I actually entered this industry. And to be able to reach where I am right now, I’m grateful for my luck. I know all the anxiety and worries every new starting out Internet Marketer have, so I really want to share something useful with everyone else. 

I’m making this affordable so that you – who is willing to take action RIGHT NOW – would be able to gain the rightful traffic you deserve.  

Stop hesitating! Act Now!

Get It Now At $19.95!


And if you're skeptical in anywhere...let me remove all the risk with this....

As of this wasn't the deal of the century already, that guarantee makes this something you honestly cannot afford to miss.

There are 3 massive components in this course, packed with hard hitting, money-making information. You and I both know you don't usually get content like that from a $19.95 product...

" This Should Be The Easiest
Decision Of Your Life "

On the one hand you can choose to ignore it, and carry on as you were. Struggle to pay bills, hate your job, just be generally unhappy with your life. And you can continue getting sucked into the "get rich quick" garbage, and wasting money.

Or you can listen to me. I've given you proof of how much I'm making from these techniques. You've seen how much my private students are making, and how quickly they've been able to do it. You've also seen that this isn't some get rich quick garbage... this is a real opportunity to start a real high profit business.

So what sounds better?

Being stuck in a dead-end job, never managing to escape and live the life you know you deserve. Constantly worrying about making enough to stay afloat, and living with the fear of cut backs, lay offs, and all kinds of other scary stuff. It's a sad fact that over 10% of Americans have been laid off through this recession...


Getting started with a new business right now, today, and making money almost immediately by doing the simplest copy/paste stuff you can imagine? You'll be able to write your own paycheck, and finally start experiencing the life you've been looking for.

More freedom...

More money...

More enjoyment from every single day of your life...?

Only you can choose - and I wasn't kidding when I said this should be a simple decision - it really should.

So hit the button below, and I'll be waiting to guide you to your own personal fortune


YES Chris, I Want To Start Generating Massive Traffic Too!

  • I understand I'll be instantly downloading the whole "Mass Traffic Domination" course for a measly one-time investment of $19.95 when I act now!

  • On top of that, I also understand that my investment is protected by your 100% 60-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.


Buy It NOW At $19.95!

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(It doesn't matter if it's 3 A.M - You'll get immediate access
to the entire Mass Traffic Domination course)

Keeping it real,

Chris Cole.

P.S. Don’t forget! I’m bearing all the risk! You have a FULL 60 days to try the entire program. If you don’t like it at all or it doesn’t help you in any way, let me know and I'll give you a full refund...no questions asked.

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